First, Believe in Happiness

Gifts for the New Year:  First, Believe in Happiness

At my coaching group’s annual holiday gathering, we exchange used, gift-wrapped books. When a book is opened, the person who brought it stands up to tell the story of how that book impacted impacted them, and why they chose to share it.  One woman’s personal story really touched my heart:
My entire life,” she began “I thought happiness was a fantasy.  All my friends kept telling me things like how our country is based on the right to happiness, but I just pointed out that only meant we could pursue it, not have it.  I went through my life convinced it could never be something I’d have.  Then one day a few months ago I was in a bookstore, and for some reason I picked up this audio book because the title spoke to me. [jim’s note: the book is Become Totally Positive Auto-Matically (While-U-Drive)]

I listened to it for a few days, and after it was done I realized, ‘you know what?  I actually feel happier.’ And for the first time I believed that maybe it really IS possible to feel happiness!”
She went on to say how much her life shifted since she started believing that Happiness existed AND  that it was available to her. She came up to me after the meeting to speak some more (she said that my title, The Executive Happiness Coach, sort of jumped out at her!).  She shared that many people in her family suffer from depression.  She, herself, has never been diagnosed with depression but because she grew up in a family where happiness was always considered an “Impossible” goal, that’s what she believed.
Happiness was, for her, as unreal as Santa Claus.  Now that she believes in Happiness, she has more energy and enthusiasm for life.  And hope — for a happier future.
So if you want to have a great year in 2011, my dear readers, start by believing that Happiness IS possible for you. (you’re far more likely to get there if you think it’s real!).
Over the next week I’ll share three more Gifts to help you start 2011 on the right foot.

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  1. Excellent post! Happiness can only be reached if you believe in it. I also
    enjoyed your experience with the book exchange. Perhaps I would implement
    this activity with friends and family.
    Thanks for sharing!


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