Social Distance is not Social Disconnection


Doctors ask us to keep two meters apart to reduce transmission of COVID-19. But don’t let physical distance lead to emotional disconnection. We need each other more than ever right now.

Whether you are passing people in a hallway, sitting a safe space away, or speaking via video or phone, Smile. When you smile on purpose, it will affect all your interactions, taking them to a more positive emotional space.

Smiling initiates a complex shift of muscles, breath, and body chemistry (you release endorphins!) that creates a more positive mood. Plus, what you put out, others mirror back to you, feeding an increasingly positive emotional space.

So today, Smile on Purpose.  Start with your face, you’ll feel it in your heart, and that physical distance won’t feel so big after all.

P.S. Share a Smile

As we practice distancing, remember that everyone will experience isolation differently. If you know someone who may feel lonely or ignored because of these mandates, reach out for a conversation.

That relative in a senior care facility may not be able to receive visitors, but their phone still works. The co-worker or neighbor you chat up every day? They have a phone or a video connection. Whether you use FaceTime, Zoom, GoogleChat, or just voice, share a smile and refill someone else’s tank – and remember that when you do, your own will feel refilled as well!