Five Simple Things You Can Do Right Now To Be Happier


Why do we make Happiness feel so damn elusive and unavailable? Why is it always about the pursuit of Happiness? Can we, for just a moment, notice that it is sitting RIGHT NEXT TO US and all we have to do is turn to it, say “Hi!” and enjoy its company for a moment?

  1. Breathe deeply, on purpose, and enjoy a moment. Not to go all personal on you, but my mom was diagnosed with lung cancer, and right now breathing is hard for her. Really hard. So, fill your lungs and for a few seconds Appreciate that you CAN take a deep breath. Isn’t that nice?
  2. Make a list of 10 things that delight you. DELIGHT. Read it aloud to someone. Sharing good stuff is called Savoring, which is also a thing.
  3. Write down what you have accomplished/completed instead of (or in addition to) what you still have to do. When you pause to give yourself credit for progress instead of always staring at the mountains you have yet to climb, you nurture Satisfaction and Pride, which support more Happy.
  4. Accept a flaw or imperfection in yourself or in someone important to you. When you stop arguing with something that “should be” different, you reduce the obstacles to feeling happy in that relationship (yes, you have a relationship with you!)
  5. Be Kind. Offer a compliment to a stranger or praise to a coworker. Give that harried person your place in line. Hold open the door just a moment longer. These cost nothing but your attention, yet they raise your positive affect and create space for you to feel better about you.

And isn’t that what Happiness is all about?