I. ACT HAPPY WEEK, DAY 5: WHAT’S THE ONE THING? In 2018 I was guest on the Leadership Hacks Podcast with my esteemed colleague, Jill Windelspecht, a fellow executive coach and organization consultant. Jill invited me to bring my best hack (shortcut/workaround) to the conversation, so I showed up with the most basic tool in my box: Breathing. … Read more


I. ACT HAPPY WEEK, DAY 4: I WROTE THIS FOR YOU I wrote this especially for you, because after the past year I know you need it: 75 happiness exercises that take anywhere from a minute to a lifetime. E-book requires a download. ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ II. An Offer: Dance Differently with Stress and Confidence This is a … Read more

Act Happy Week, Day 3: For What Are You Thankful Today?

Ten Gratitude Activities Here are practices used by me and others (or me) that I know work to strengthen your gratitude muscles, which are a pre-requisite to Happiness. Some are simple, some complex; some are high-tech, low-tech, visual, verbal, or physical. There is no ‘perfect’ practice, so create one that works for you. For more … Read more

How To Be Present. Now. Here.

What Does It Mean To Be Present? Remember, Leadership is not about a title; anyone can be a Leader who creates a positive experience for others. I typically end my essays with a tip like above, but today let’s start with a reminder that leaders are people who make a difference for others, usually through … Read more

What is Coaching? In two minutes

I get this question often: What is Coaching?  Over my years in the profession the answer has gotten easier, as more people understand coaching as a service provided by trained professionals.There are 50,ooo+ coaches in the world and that number is growing fast; yet the definition of coaching is becoming better defined every day, as … Read more

A Recipe for Happiness

How do you feed your soul?  Do you grab pre-packaged Pleasure from the freezer, microwave it, and eat on the run; or do you cook up your Joy from scratch using organic, locally-sourced ingredients?  Perhaps you have a saucepan of Gratitude constantly simmering on a back burner?  Or do you wait for others to invite you … Read more

How Do You Keep Your Edge as a Coach?

I mentor other coaches, in addition to working directly with clients. One of the coaches I’m currently mentoring wrote to ask how I keep learning. It caused me to reflect, and I ended up sending her and others a list of the resources and some books that I use to keep my own edge sharp. I share them here.