Short is sweet

I just finished up a two-hour class on using web tools to build relationships, build my brand, and support my business. My head is spinning.
BlogTalkRadio.  Twitter.  Twellow. Podcasts thru iTunes. Trendwatching. Blogging.  Audio files — MP3 or CD? Video on the blog.  “The static website is dead (or wil be within two years). ”
My brain hurts, and at the same time I’m processing all the possibilities — and the shifts.  The bottom line: most people don’t have the time — or won’t make the time — to read a lot of stuff or listen to long recordings or… well, people are moving fast.  We can grip about the sound-bite culture, or we can embrace the fact that it is that, and figure out how to prosper in that new reality.
Short is sweet.  Twitter is short.  I’ve set up an account at Twitter, and will play with another route to happiness.  Join me?!

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