Attitude is Everything!

Digging through some old training material, I came across a fun little exercise that I’ve not used in years.  It still makes me smile.
Using the english alphabet, assign a numerical value to each letter, starting with A=1 and Z=26
Example: Using this formula, the word CAT = 3+1+20=24
Got it?  Let’s try a few others.
__+__+__+__+__+__+__+__+__ = ___%
__+__+__+__+__+__+__+__ = ___%
This exercise proves that Happiness alone is not enough.  In the end, it is Attitude — the recognition that you can CHOOSE your Attitude — that makes the difference.  For we have just proven, mathematically, that attitude really IS everything!
OK, back to work.  In happiness, J

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