Vote. Just VOTE!

I truly believe this is the most important Presidential election that has occurred in my lifetime (since 1956, then).
I don’t know who will win… and frankly, both candidates have enough pros and cons going for them that I don’t believe we can mess up too badly either way, and in any case neither is capable of solving ALL (if any) our problems.
What concerns me is the possibility of another tiny win that keeps us polarized.  In 2000, Bush beat Gore by a mere 537 votes in the Florida recount.  That was a margin of three one-hundredth of a percent (.03%, or .0003).  The 2004 election was not tremendously better.
What I wish for more than anything is a turnout that is so huge that no one will be able to say, “Americans don’t care,” and for a win so decisive that the winner can say, “a clear majority of the people want me here.”
I mailed my absentee ballot.  I’ve completed my civic duty.  I pray that millions of other people do theirs.
Do your part.  Vote.  And every time you encounter someone of voting age, ask them, “are you voting on Tuesday?”  Don’t let anyone get away with saying “my vote doesn’t matter.”  It does!  Yours could be THE VOTE that determines the next President of the United States!
How cool is that?!

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