Happiness is Making History

I’m so sick of election stuff, stuff, stuff; and I’m sure you are, too.  Yet please indulge me for two more days.
No matter who wins tomorrow, we will make History — either way, we will have placed someone other than a white male in one of the top two posts of the land, and after 232 years of history, that feels like a HUGE shift!
And so, I’m excited.  Do I have a favored candidate?  Ya, ya betcha!  I voted last week and am praying that my candidate wins.  But I’m not a sour grapes voter.  If the other party wins, then we shake it off and move forward.
Bottom line, I’m happy that no matter who wins, we’ve successfully broken the paradigm.  When the Constitution was first written, the definition of citizen was, “white, male, landowner, who was debt-free.”  For two centuries, even as the makeup of our country shifted considerably, that small minority has remained the sole source of serious contenders for the top job.  But that’s gonna change in just a few hours.
From tomorrow forward, when parents say to their kids, “you can grow up to be president,” it won’t just be the little white boys who take that suggestion seriously — it will be the rainbows of both genders who now pay attention.  And since our country is within just a few years of seeing causcasians become the non-majority, I’m excited for the future of America.  Because in this complex world, we are far more likely to succeed when we leverage ALL our human resources, not just a portion of them.
This is just one of the many reasons why I truly believe this is the most important U.S. election that has occurred in my lifetime.  I am bouncing up and down in my excitement.

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