Found Happiness

Sitting on my bureau in my bedroom is a huge glass beer stein I won back in college (I won’t say what, precisely, I won it for…). Every day when I arrive home I toss any loose change from my pockets into the mug.
It’s been ages since I last rolled all those coins. In effort to find new sources of holiday cash, I lugged the mug up to mall and poured contents into one of those big, green Coinstar Machines.
$103.82. One hundred and three dollars. And eighty-two cents. Who knew?
So I turned the entire balance into a gift certificate for  It costs nothing, and I can use it immediately.
PLUS, they have a promo going until 12-15 — if you send in the bottom half of the receipt you get from the machine, Coinstar will send you an ADDITIONAL $10 (that’s ten bucks!) to use for the service as original GC.  I could have done Starbucks or a dozen other retail or online vendors.
Found Happiness, that’s what I call this.  I empty the lint from my pockets, and I get a bonus.
What did I do with my “found” money?  I spent part of it on some presents for others.  And then I looked in my Amazon Wish List.  Hmmm.  This is where I post things that I want to get for myself, but don’t, because… I dunno.  Maybe a little bit of guilt, like, “Do you really need ANOTHER book or CD, Jim?”
Honestly?  YES!  So I turned part of my Found Money into:

  • a new Enya CD (and WInter Came)
  • Yo Yo Ma’s fabulous Songs of Joy & Peace (Wexford Carol with Alison Krauss is AWESOME!)
  • Daniel Pink’s new book, and
  • two CD’s by the ethereal Loreen McKennitt (A Midwinter Night’s Dream and An Ancient Muse).
  • Oh, and I FINALLY bought a copy of Jill Bolte Taylor’s fabulous “My Stroke of Insight.

Music, Muses, and learning.  This truly is, for me, some FOUND HAPPINESS!  🙂

2 thoughts on “Found Happiness”

  1. Psssst…Jim, the answer to the question, “Do you really need ANOTHER book” is always a resounding YES!! 🙂
    Congrats on the new-found wealth.!

  2. Somehow, Lisa, I KNEW you would have that reaction. You might be amused to know that it has now been nine straight days (not including Sunday) that the UPS truck has stopped at our house. Love it! 🙂


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