Slumdog Millionaire – I hope it's as good as the book

Two years ago in my 2007 Summer Reading List I lauded the book, Q&A, by Vikas Swarup.  I thought it was a WONDERFUL story, and highly recommended the audio version of the book.  I am thrilled that it’s been turned in to a movie, Slumdog Millionaire, opening in Cleveland tonite!
Here’s an excerpt from my own review of the book:
[Jim’s Notes:How do I describe this book? The premise is that a young, uneducated waiter who lives in Mumbai, India, has just won the largest Jackpot in television history – a billion rupees! – by answering a series of twelve consecutive and increasingly difficult questions on a “who wants to be a millionaire”-like program on Indian television. The producers of the show find it impossible to believe that he achieved this without cheating. As the book opens, he is being arrested. He ends up in the custody of a police detective to whom he tells his story, demonstrating how his unique life circumstances led him to know – uneducated as he is – all the correct answers. The tale is an exploration of life for the indigent and servile masses in modern day India, the caste system, injustice, child slavery the buying and selling of lives, greed, friendship, love, betrayal, and most of all, the power of spirit. AND it is all wrapped up in an engaging story about an unassuming young man who has struggled to survive on his wits alone, in an unforgiving system, since he was orphaned at age seven.
In the midst of much misery, by the way, this character never suffers – for suffering is not about pain but about how we respond to pain. He does not suffer because he sees life for what it is – life. He just keeps moving, doing what he needs to do to survive. (I do not believe this was a commentary by the author, but more my own observation. I never felt sorry for him – he simply tells his story in a straightforward matter — it is what it is).] To read the rest of my review, you can download the list from my archives.
It’s got a 92% postive rating at  Read the book.  See the movie.  I promise you your heart will feel lighter!

3 thoughts on “Slumdog Millionaire – I hope it's as good as the book”

  1. Hey Jim- from what I hear the ending of the movie may be different from the book. Any thoughts on that? I REALLY enjoyed the book and am a little wary of the movie disappointing. Will you come back and post a review of the movie??

  2. Thanks. I will check it out. I am sure I will enjoy it. Also, please check out Jhumpa Lahiri’s books if you have not. I am from Nigeria originally and the cultural richness of her books made them a delight to read. The backdrop of India against the United States is awesome to experience through her words.


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