Slumdog Millionaire – a winner in my book!

After my post ten days ago about this movie, several people wrote me (or commented on the blog) to ask for my opinion AFTER seeing the movie.
Well, my wife and I finally got to see it on Saturday afternoon.  I went into the theatre with high expectations.  Sometimes expecting too much of a film can ruin the experience, so I reminded myself to “let go” of the original story from the book, Q & A, and simply enjoy the ride.
Let me tell you, it was not hard to do — to enjoy the ride, that is.  The story varies considerably from the book in the way many films must vary.  For instance, a half-dozen or more minor characters who flowed in and out of the life of Jamal (the main character) were realized in a composite character who did not even exist in the book: his older brother.   In the book, Jamal did not meet the love of his life until he was 14; in the movie, she is a childhood friend.  All these shifts make much sense when one considers how little time a filmmaker has to develop relationships in a movie.
So, I accepted the adjustments necessary to adapt the book to a screenplay.  The biggest concern remained: will the film honor the heart and soul of the book?
Yes.  Absolutely yes!
Slumdog Millionaire the movie does a brilliant job of capturing the grit and glamour and poverty and misery of life in Mumbai, yet without commentary – it just is.  And Dev Patel is just wonderful in the lead role, the 16 year old Jamal, appearing on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire to win $20 Million rupees.  And the story line is just as improbable and yet plausible as was the book.
I repeat what I offered in my first post on this movie — go, see it yourself.  You will laugh, you will cry, you will be angry, you will be confused, you will feel sadness and you will feel joy, as Jamal pursues happiness in his chaotic world.
and who knows… I may see you there.  I certainly intend to see the movie again!
P.S. for those who love the pure energy and joy of a good Bollywood musical, I have a word of advice: stay for the credits at the end!  There’s a lovely surprise for those who remain in their seats.  It will make you smile!

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  1. Hmmmm… I’m even more intrigued Jim! Sounds like I’ll have to check it out over Christmas break. I typically have a hard time watching movies made from books I love. (LOTR being a notable exception.) I’ll just have to keep repeating “Let go of the expectations Lisa….let go of the expectations Lisa….let go…”
    Hmmm….why do I suddenly suspect that watching this movie will feel remarkably similiar to a coaching session??? 😉

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