Happy-Making With Wordle!

I came across an incredibly fun and visually creative Web 2.0 site today: www.wordle.net. It brought a smile to my face, and I decided to share!
You link to or paste in text (e.g. from a blog, article, whatever) and the site creates a Tag Cloud (visual word cluster — such as you see at this blog site on the lower right, where higher frequency words appear larger, etc)
The Twist that make this site different from “competitor” sites: You can play with orientation (vertical, horizontal, or every which way), the font, the color, and even the language!   Here’s what emerged when I pasted in my 13 Principles of Happiness:
See it at the Source: www.wordle.net
Way cool, eh?!  I’m very visual, so creativity of this sort appeals to me in many ways.  How might I use something like this?  Post an announcement.  Give visual oomph to verbal content.  Make a point in a different way.  Write Visual Poetry ala ee cummings.  Create a PowerPoint slide that’s FAR from boring.
Or maybe, just maybe… for FUN!  For the pure pleasure of it.  We gotta make our own Happiness!

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