Happiness is Seeing Your Child Succeed

Last week I was privileged to attend Kent State University’s annual Student Awards night.  At this event the university recognizes the accomplishments of its many student leaders and student organizations; it also serves as the transition point for all Undergraduate Student Government (USG) positions.
During the past school year our youngest son, Jared, was a Student Senator in addition to serving as president of the largest fraternity on campus, Sigma Chi.  He will serve as one of the six elected USG Directors for the 2009/10 term.  We drove down to see him recognized for his contributions and then sworn in to his new role.
We sat at a table with many of Jared’s fraternity brothers and were delighted to see the quality of character so many of them possess.  These young men, some about to graduate in a few weeks, represent the next generation of leadership for our country. I feel inspired when in the presence of their energy and determination to succeed and create change.
I was pleasantly surprised, as I scanned the evening’s program, to see many of these young men’s names on the list of nominees for several awards.  I was proud to bursting as I realized that Jared’s name was listed for seven out of twelve possible leadership awards, in addition to his USG recognition.
Jared went up on stage several times during the evening to receive recognition for his contribution and accomplishments.  The awards he was nominated for acknowledge leadership, scholarship, commitment to the university, contribution to the community, and so on.  These are all admirable qualities in any young person, and even more fun to watch when that young person is my own child.
I was a proud and happy Dad, for sure!

Mom, Jared, Dad

Mom, Jared, Dad

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  1. Thank you for putting such a positive spin on Campus Involvement and specifically Greek Life Involvement. Many times people only hear the negative so that is the image they have. Congrats to your son, it sounds like he is getting a great college experience full of a variety of co-curricular activities.

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    Lorri, sounds like this one hit pretty close to home for you. I used to hold a fairly negative assessment of fraternities, and when Jared told us he was pledging I was very uncertain. Yes, there’s the parties, etc… AND the many service projects and intra-Greek competitions that keep everyone focused on service and leadership. Quite different from my old perception. One of my favorite pix of Jared from the past year is of he and another Sigma Chi officer holding up a check for $3,100 for the Akron Children’s Hospital, which the fraternity raised thru a variety of activities on campus over a couple weeks. Very nice. 🙂 J

  3. Congratulations on your sons accomplishments. During the time that I have worked with Jared I have found him to be highly motivated pushing not only himself but has chapter as well to new heights. It has been a pleasure to work with Jared and I am pleased to see him recognized for his outstanding work. He brings honor to himself as well as to his fraternity. I am proud to call him my brother!
    Terry Chapin
    Grand Praetor (Regional Director) Northern Ohio Province
    Sigma Chi Fraternity

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    Terry, thank you so much. While Jared may have been good for the chapter, I must say that Sigma Chi has been transformational for Jared. College has certainly been a growth experience (as it was for all our children), but in his case I give so much credit to the responsibilities and leadership discipline he learned from his Sigma Chi assocation. It’s been fun to watch.
    In happiness, J

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