Fourth, Use Your Power to Choose the Weather

Gifts For the New Year: Use Your Power to Change the Weather

Here is your final Gift to help you prepare for a great 2011 — a reminder that you are more powerful than you know!
This year, don’t treat your emotions like the weather – something about which one speaks but does nothing at all to change. In other words, don’t assume that you have no control over your world.
One of the primary determinants of weather is the wind – the prevailing winds bring us hot or cold fronts, dry weather or precipitation.  Every change in weather is preceded by a shift in the winds.
In similar fashion, you can change your personal “weather” – or emotional state – by engaging the power of your personal wind: your Breath.  Breath high and shallow in your body and you can fall into depression or sadness.  Speed up your breath to bring on the stormy weather of anger or fear.  Or create a space of calm, predictable weather by pulling your breath deeply into your body and slowing it down.
And notice how, when you change your personal weather, it spreads quickly to others.

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