The Endless Smile Loop

This is how human beings work.  We infect others with our emotions, and in turn are infected by theirs.  Emotions are viral.  Here is how it works:

Smiling makes you more attractive and more sociable.  Others perceive you as more trustworthy.  You feel better about yourself and about others.
So, tell me again, what’s the downside of focusing on something as simple as a smile?  Hmm.

2 thoughts on “The Endless Smile Loop”

  1. Hard to believe, but at one point I had a client, an HR VP reject
    a candidate who he thought was “strange” because he smiled
    throughout most of the interview and seemed “too happy”.
    Fortunately, that was an unusual occurrence and that particular VP
    never seemed to enjoy much in life. Smile, cuz you can. TOM

  2. I can relate to the candidate, Tom — I’m often “accused” of being TOO Happy. Go figure!
    This reminds me of my recent hassles with two corporate email systems that were filtering out all emails from my main address; upon investigation, the reason was that the word “happiness” was considered a spam trigger. This, I assess, is a very sad thing. BUt all is now well, and so I’m back to smiling!


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