Imagine you lose all your data

Imagine you lose all your data.
Your inbox, gone.
Your sent file history, gone.
Your backups, deleted.  Yes, even your redundancy fails you.
What would you do?
It happened to me, today.  Gone.  Pfft.  Part systemic failure, part ignorance, part assumption (I believed it could not happen)
Here’s the thing — for ten years, I have struggled to clean out my Inbox.  I have dreamed of an impossible time when my inbox might be empty.
So now, when I should be FREAKING OUT (!!!) I find myself, strangely, calm.
Zen-like.  Deep breathing.  All my years of practicing calm in times of stress has kicked in, and once I realized that there was, truly, nothing I could do, I just — Breathed.
I achieved a lifelong goal, as the aftermath of a digital disaster.  And I’m OK. 
P.S.  If you sent me an email in the past week and I owe you something, please resend!  :~)

2 thoughts on “Imagine you lose all your data”

  1. A freeing thought – and amazing to read this today: I’ve had lots of focused energy in the past week to clean out / clear out… and have wondered twice: what if I just got rid of most things that I’m not using, haven’t used, don’t need (like all those emails I save).
    Thank you!

  2. Stephanie, I’m smiling at your note. I’ve toyed with the idea for YEARS… and when
    it was forced on me, it turned out to be a win. I’m relying on the Universe to decide
    which stuff should come back to me, and which I will let go of forever….


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