What helps you keep your Commitments?

Over the weekend I spent time preparing for one of my volunteer roles, as retreat leader for the Junior class at the high school my four kids attended from 1996 to 2005 (they graduated, I stayed on!)
Part of that job involves training 18 teen Team Leaders to facilitate their peers in several difficult exercises.  Today’s teens live amidst far more distractions than ever, so this year I began requesting a written commitment to the time and practice required to be fully prepared.
Many on the team told me, after the fall retreat, that having to make a commitment to a non-teacher, non-parent adult helped them stay focused on the “homework” necessary to be successful at the retreat.
What helps you to meet your commitments to yourself? 

  • If it’s enrolling coworkers to keep you focused, how many conversations have you held and how many requests have you made?
  • If it’s “reporting in” to a coach or partner to create a place of accountability, have you checked in recently?
  • If it’s keeping a log or journal of your progress, what have you written, today?
  • If it’s maintaining a physical practice to build new awareness in your body or emotions, have you done it at least once, today?

Act on your commitment.  Today.  

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