Act Happy Week, Day 1: Smile on Purpose

The focus of Act Happy Week is to educate the public about
 purposeful actions you can take to create chemical shifts in your
 body that drive Positive Emotions. Here is today's exercise:


Smiling is one of the most primal of human interactions. A baby’s
smile is one of their first voluntary forms of communication – and
can you even imagine not smiling back at a smiling baby?
Smiling initiates a complex shift of muscles, breath, and body
chemistry (you release endorphins!) that creates a more positive
mood. Plus, what you put out, others mirror back to you, feeding an
increasingly positive emotional space.
When you smile on purpose, it will affect all your interactions,
whether in a meeting, speaking with a customer, or just walking
down the hallway.
So today, Smile on Purpose. Happiness is not a spectator sport.
In the Workplace

A smile is the universal sign that one is experiencing a good
feeling. So smiling in the workplace can tell us much about mood
and morale.
The leader who makes eye contact and carries a genuine smile as
they move through the workspace is perceived as more trustworthy
and approachable. People who work in such an environment feel more
engaged. It’s more complex than JUST that, of course, yet it’s also
that simple.
Remember: Leadership is not about a title – anyone can be a leader
when they focus on helping others succeed by providing a positive

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