Act Happy Week, Day 2: Tell a Positive Story

The focus of Act Happy Week is to educate the public about
 purposeful actions you can take to create chemical shifts in your
 body that drive Positive Emotions. Here is today's exercise:

Savoring is the deliberate act of enjoying something – paying attention to the experience, in the moment. When you bring yourself fully present, you temporarily reduce the stress of worry about past/future. Your breathing slows, which calms your body and creates a positive state.

Tips for Savoring

Share: Tell others your “story” as a way to relive an experience. Share a fun story from the past weekend, or describe that fabulous new recipe you tried last week. Post it on Facebook (with pictures!)
Self Appreciation: Give yourself permission for POSITIVE self-talk. Say to yourself, “I am so proud of you. I think you are awesome!” Give yourself a high-five for something you accomplished. Write the story in your journal.
Absorption: Immerse yourself totally in something; pay attention to sensations you experience. Eat popcorn one kernel at a time, noticing the sweet/salt taste on your tongue. Let that chocolate melt slooooowly in your mouth (no chewing!). Watch a movie and flow with the film as though you were in it yourself. Watch ducks on a pond. Enjoy sunshine on your face.
In the Workplace

Good News: Start your meetings this week by going around the room and asking each person to share a piece of Good News. It can be personal or professional. Watch the mood shift (and notice how productivity in the meeting changes!).
Remember: Leadership is not about a title – anyone can be a leader who engages others in positive emotional moments.

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