Positive Leadership Addictions

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Good leaders understand they have addictions, and work to stop the ones that don’t serve them, while developing new habits that produce better outcomes (shameless plug: that’s what coaches help you do!).

Here are some GOOD addictions you might consider adopting to create a more positive workplace:

  1. Offer Appreciation Daily – It costs nothing and the benefits are priceless.
  2. Respect Everyone – People want to be paid what they’re worth, treated like adults, and rewarded for their good work.
  3. Trust Others – As a boss, you have to trust first in order to be trusted.
  4. Help Them Grow – Employees want the opportunity to grow and learn on the job. Help them to reach their full potential.
  5. Know Them Personally – People don’t leave companies, they leave bosses.
  6. Build Compatible Teams – When you hire, consider the other team members, not just you. Employees like to work with people they get along with well, with whom they can laugh, and who share a sense of pride in the work they do together.
  7. Provide a Sense of Purpose – Employees want to understand how their efforts contribute to the success of the business and want to feel that they are making a difference to their team, department, and the company.

If you want to know more about what makes employees happy just take a look at yourself for the answers. What makes you happy about your job? Don’t you find that when you are happy and enjoy the work you do, you actually do better work, your energy level is high, and you have a greater sense of accomplishment?
Those are good addictions to have!
Remember, Leadership is not about a title: Anyone can be a leader who nurtures habits that feed the positive and spread a little appreciation and joy every day.
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