In the Workplace: Start Now to Succeed Next Year

For ten years I have issued an annual reminder to leaders regarding performance feedback and relationship-building. The reminder always shows up in December or January.

You know what? That’s too late!

If you are not already holding monthly (or more frequent) performance conversations with your team members, there’s no time like now to change your habits. If you want to enter the new year with more effective leadership habits, start right now.

  1. Have a one-on-one session with at least half the people on your team each week between now and 12-29. By end of year you’ll have started to create some new momentum around dialogue and learning.
  2. Sit down for five minutes (per person on your team) and capture notes on performance – what you’ve seen them do well year-to-date, and where you recommend they focus to get even better.
  3. Share your notes with each person, and invite them to add anything you’ve missed.
  4. Have a short conversation about what else they need/want to accomplish by year end. (With five weeks left in 2012, there’s still time to deliver – but if you wait until mid-January to talk about it, the deadlines will have passed….)

Remember, Leadership is not about a title: Anyone can be a leader who makes it a priority to nurture relationships and help others grow and develop.

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