How To Help People Who Resist Change With Rapid Culture Assimilation

“The times, they are a changin’”- especially in the workplace. Company cultures are becoming more relaxed and some companies are ditching offices all together. Deciding to change things up is a big decision and helping employees comfortable to the idea can be challenging.
We compare it to getting in a pool. Going down the stairs, into the shallow end elongates the process, making it seem colder, to make it easier, jump right in the pool.
Rapid Culture Assimilation will help your team understand and see the new vision and cultural shift while helping them to be comfortable and flexible with the change.
One of the reasons that change initiatives don’t work is because people resist change. Humans inherently don’t like change, so they will resist new tools and try to continue with their old behaviors. If your employee’s aren’t involved in decisions regarding the change, loyalty goes out the window and nothing changes.
With Rapid Culture Assimilation, every employee is engaged in a clear conversation so they understand expectations and the coming steps. Employees will be a part of the changes rather than having the changes thrust at them.
In this experience, there will be clear communication from the top with a facilitated discussion with the rest of the organization, coaching for the top leaders, and follow up sessions to manage accountability.

More benefits of Rapid Culture Assimilation are:How To Help People Who Resist Change With Rapid Culture Assimilation

  • An environment where employees can discuss any questions or concerns in an honest and proactive way
  • An understanding of expectations and identification of what must change to meet those expectations
  • Personal action plans for each person on the team
  • Support for the leadership team to help adopt new processes and behaviors
  • Improved productivity and a faster implementation of the new structure and language.

If you are interested in Rapid Culture Assimilation and are curious about how it will help you, please contact us for a complimentary strategy session. At The Executive Happiness Coach, we can discuss changes you’d like to create and the issues you could be facing.

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