How To Help People Who Resist Change With Rapid Culture Assimilation

“The times, they are a changin’”- especially in the workplace. Company cultures are becoming more relaxed and some companies are ditching offices all together. Deciding to change things up is a big decision and helping employees comfortable to the idea can be challenging. We compare it to getting in a pool. Going down the stairs, … Read more

Focus on the Few to Increase Productivity

John O’Nolan via Compfight Ah, you expect so much – of self and others – on the job. How much of the stress you experience comes from trying to juggle too many roles, goals, and projects simultaneously? Take a hard look at your current goals. As a human being, your maximum capacity is four to … Read more

19 Amazingly Simple Ways to Release Stress and Be Fully Present

Stress works like a balloon – it keeps getting bigger and bigger till it pops. When you train your body to release stress, it’s like releasing air from the balloon. Each time, you recapture some of your capacity.
Try one or two of these practices several times daily for 30 days, and I promise you’ll notice a difference in your stress levels. Enjoy!