A Happiness Reading List for Beach or Business

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Summer is in full swing in my part of the world… and aren’t you excited about the long, warm summer ahead, where the evenings are long and breezy and you can sit on your porch with some cool lemonade and a good book?  (or in my case, iced coffee or dark beer, and my Kindle!)

For 12 years, from 2000-2011 I compiled and published an annual summer reading list.  Then one day I realized two things: one) WAY too many other people were doing the same, and two) it was a helluvalotta work.

So I stopped.  

But I did not stop reading!  I love to learn and I love to escape, and books serve both purposes.

Recently I’ve had several requests for a reference list on Happiness, and while I had a short list from years ago, I realized my shelves (and my Kindle e-reader) are overflowing with new positive titles.  So I decided to update and curate my list and share with my tribe, in the spirit of a summer reading list.
Most people gravitate to escapist fiction for their holiday reading, and this list is nearly all non-fiction (Hector being the exception)… but in case you want to be enlightened on your holiday, I’ve curated the list into three segments:

  • Easy Reads (quick, fun, maybe on the beach?)
  • More Complex Reads (research and tools and stuff), and
  • Really Deep Reads (philosophy, ontology, and limbic resonance, Oh my!).

Many of the titles in the first two categories are written in essay format, so you can pick them up for a few minutes and read just a chapter or two between your escapist fiction.
Click the image above or right here to access the list.  Feel free to share.

Happy Summer!


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