Act Happy Week, Day 4: Fake It to Feel It

Today is the fourth day of Act Happy week: in a week-long series on using your body to invoke Happiness. Today: Fake It Till You Make It — change your body to change your emotional space (a 60-second lesson — read more at the blog)

Before Happiness, There is Adversity

I have seen no green in my yard since the snows started in the third week of December.  As the ENORMOUS piles are now melting away, spring is popping up all over.  This little montage captures some of what is emerging in my yard — notice how in two of the shots you can see … Read more

Happiness is Contagious

This just in, from the bespectacled researchers at Harvard: Happiness is contagious. OK, so we’ve known for a long time that moods and emotions spread to those around us.  What’s different about this study is that the researchers have been able to quantify the impact. And it’s not just about who you talk with daily. … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving – Inventory Your Wealth

Happy Thanksgiving! As The Executive Happiness Coach® I especially love any holiday that carries a greeting of HAPPY in front of it. You know, many people say that Happiness is the “ultimate currency.” So when we wish each other a “Happy Anything” we are, in a way, wishing for them a life that is wealthy … Read more

Sometimes you just have to make the decision to be happy

In my year-long quest to see all of the movies nominated for Oscars from last year, I finally picked up Away From Her, with Julie Christie in an absolutely brilliant performance as a woman literally melting away from her life as the linkages in her brain come apart — while her husband, Grant, struggles with … Read more