While the world continues to march forward, I invite you to take a moment for quiet at the end of this year.  Make the time you spend with family really count, even if it’s thru a plexiglass panel or a video camera lens.  Have conversation.  Listen.  Hug often, laugh a lot, and look for the … Read more

What’s Your Favorite Christmas FOOD Memory?

One of my favorite websites just ran a “Christmas Food Memory” contest and –Woohoo! — I received an honorable mention for my entry. It’s about dark chocolate, of course.  I thought I’d share with you & ask about YOUR favorite holiday food memory. Here’s my story: It was the fudge. Oh, god, how I waited … Read more

Happiness is a Great Mac-N-Cheese!

Met a client for lunch today at a little gem of a restaurant in Tremont (a ‘comeback’ region of Cleveland) called Lucky’s Cafe. I’ve had many meetings at this location over the past year, but they’ve always been “meet for coffee” events, so my experience of Lucky’s is as a coffee shop — with a … Read more

Jim's Dark Chocolate Peppermint Fudge

By popular demand: Jim’s Dark Chocolate Peppermint Fudge Making the Fudge Put 4-5 candy canes into a plastic bag.  Bang with a hammer till in small pieces.  Set aside. In non-stick saucepan, mix the following over low/med heat: 1 lb bag confectioner’s sugar ½ cup powdered cocoa – Hershey’s Special Dark is wonderful.  If you … Read more

Happiness is a Warm Towel

My wife and I recently completed a “remodel on a budget” on our bathroom.  With minimal investment — new towel holders, a couple of shelves, a new rug, and some spray paint — we converted from a blue & mauve color scheme to a bold purple & white, which was a pretty dramatic transformation. But … Read more

Chocolate Speaks Louder Than Words

So, I get a package in the mail from a Happiness Coaching client.   No idea what’s in it.  I open the box and… it’s full of Chocolate!  A RAINBOW of Lake Champlain chocolates. The coolest part:  The logo on the side of the bars.  I dunno if you can see it on your screen — … Read more