Happiness is a Warm Towel

My wife and I recently completed a “remodel on a budget” on our bathroom.  With minimal investment — new towel holders, a couple of shelves, a new rug, and some spray paint — we converted from a blue & mauve color scheme to a bold purple & white, which was a pretty dramatic transformation.
But by far the best part was that we hung a towel rack and clothes hook in a new position on the wall just above the electric baseboard heater.
Yesterday morning I popped outside to clear off the cars and shovel the driveway.  In moments, I was frozen to the core; it was -5 (that’s 5 degrees BELOW zero!), and that cold got into my bones.  I shivered my way into the shower and when I came out I grabbed my towel — my WARM towel.
It felt SOOOO good!
Then I took down the WARM slacks and WARM shirt from their hangers on the wall and slipped into them.
I experienced a rare moment of sensory pleasure.  Pure pleasure, happiness in cotton.
Happiness is, truly, a warm towel!

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