Happiness is Chocolate + Mint

While in Costa Rica, I picked up a package of Chiclets Fusion gum — a luscious blend of chocolate and mint.  After consuming the last piece of my stash today, I turned to the web to find out where I might find more.  Alas, it appears this gum flavor is only sold in Latin America.  However, I did stumble across this commercial for Fusion, which perfectly captures the mint and chocolate experience (21 seconds).
Warning — sensuality and chocolate flow freely here!

Does the Spanish-speaking world know how to advertise gum, or what?!
I may just have to return to Costa Rica to pick up some more….  🙂

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  1. I came across your site when I Googled Chiclets Fusion, hoping to discover that they sold the choc/mint gum in the US! Argh! I was in the Dominican Republic last week and bought three packs–I’m thinking I should have bought more!! 🙂

  2. Diana, you most certainly should have. AND you could have picked up a couple packages for me, too! I do miss some of the wonderful flavors I discovered in Costa Rica — lots of DIFFERENT chocolate combinations (a lot w/ hot peppers — very nice — and other herbs) as well as some of the fantastic mango flavor combos that I can’t find in the States. Ration your Fusion carefully….

  3. I too was in Costa Rica (last week) and picked up a pack of the Chocolate Mint gum. I came online to find more and see that you are on the same boat. Sigh….I wish they sold it here. it is soooo good.

  4. OMG I love this gum! I googled it and it got me to this website….I may just have to go back to Mexico to get some! I am on a mission to find this amazing gum!

  5. Good luck w/ your search for Chocolate Fusion. If you find a way to obtain it in the US, pls let me know. I only wish, when I bought it as an afterthought at the grocery store, that I’d had the foresight to buy a CASE to bring home w/ me from Costa Rica!
    In happiness, J

  6. Well the friend I went to Mexico with is going back….I may have to bribe him into bringing me back a case…LOL

  7. I too just discovered the gum in Costa Rica on my honeymoon. I bought out a little grocery store completely embarrassing my new husband. Thank goodness I did since we can’t get it here. It seems there are enough of us who want it. Chiclets is missing a huge market!

  8. I am so glad to see that I am not the only one fixated on finding this gum in the US. I found this fantastic treat in Puerto Penasco, Mexico (Rocky Point) the end of Sept 2009. Has anyone contacted Cadbury to see how we can get it here? I am willing to order it by the case. I have all of my co-workers looking for it on-line – LOL

  9. i have been opsessing over this gum!!!!! only that i like the key lime pie one better. You can literally taste the crust and whipped cream!!! ive been looking for like hours straight my family had to pull me off the computer!!! does anyone anyother place besides costa rica maybe a place closer to the u.s. preferably some sort of border town?!?!?!?! 😉 best gum EVER!!!!!!

  10. Youv’e got plenty of company in this love of Chocolate Menta-Fusion. Que bueno!!! I discovered it in backwoods Colombia last week and loaded up with a half doz. Going fast now, passed a few around to colleagues with positive responses . Fortunately will return in a few weeks and resupply.
    Interesting to see what US Customs will say when doggie sniffs my carryon and I have half a briefcase full of these wonders.

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