Creating Brand YOU on Social Media

Hey, this is just a quick note to all of you who are working on your presence in the world of Social Media.  This is ‘old news’ already in some circles, but may still be very relevant for you.  ~10 days ago Facebook opened up the opportunity for users to get their own vanity URL — just like the celebrities & the big dogs!

Right now your Facebook link probably looks something like this: (not a real link).  But now you can have this URL: Cool, huh?
Log onto Facebook and then go to You’ll be able to check availability and obtain your own name.

Example:  Of course, w/ a name like Jim Smith, my name was long gone. (But I reserved my company name, so now I can send people to If you are trying to build a brand for your business, this is pretty powerful stuff.

AND for those who have a LinkedIn account, you should know that you can customize your URL at at LinkedIn, as well.  Again, an example is that I changed mine to You can do the same.  On the left menu, choose Edit My Profile.  then on the profile page at bottom of first section where it reads Public Profile, click on the [edit] hyperlink next to the URL that shows there.  On the next page, the top item will be Custom URL — click on the [edit] hyperlink once again, and you can customize your URL.  If you have a Brand and want to ‘show up’ in all your social media venues in the same way, this is a great tool.

And if you’re just you, well… remember that YOU are a brand.  This sort of customizing plays well if you’re looking for a job, trying to establish yourself in a career, etc.

Just passing along the tip.
In happiness, J

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