Will You Be Static or Responsive?

I recently learned that I must move my website to a new technology platform. The short story: I was one of the first of my kind to have my own website in 1998. While I’ve rebranded and redesigned the site many times, the guts of it are still written in an “ancient” programming language that … Read more

The Questions We Ask Shape Our Life

Cialis online Cialis online The best questions are open, invite exploration, and inspire a positive, appreciative perspective of a situation. They help us tap into our wisdom, expand our understanding and, best of all, place us in the emotion of Curiosity.  Whether you are working on a plan, facilitating a meeting, coaching an associate or … Read more

The Point is to Live the Question

At a recent coaching conference, a wise colleague shared a very powerful practice: the 10-Year Question. In coaching, questions are the primary tool: the probe, the lever, the dynamite that can explode a story, the key to unlocking awareness.  What sort of question, I thought, could take ten years to answer?  That would be a … Read more