Never Underestimate the Power of Kindness

I received a phone call from a friend who just landed a job.  That news, by itself, was cause for celebration!
But the real reason for his call surprised me.

He’d come up to me at church one week and asked if he could meet me for coffee sometime — his treat.  (I’ll meet with most anyone who offers me free coffee, so I said Yes).

He’d been in an executive role, was now unemployed, and his search dragged on with little hope.  He was toying with the idea of doing some consulting, as an alternative to a traditional job.  I remember that during our meeting I listened and helped him brainstorm a bit.  I probably suggested a few contacts and strategies, but I must confess that the meeting was not very memorable for me.

Over the next few months I ran into him at several professional networking events, including some that I’d suggested to him.  I rejoiced with him when he landed a consulting gig.  Every so often he gifted me with a small package of some new, exotic coffee bean he’d come across — which I attributed to our shared love of fresh-ground dark-roasted coffee.

When he called today, I felt positively overwhelmed by the strength of his gratitude for my help. Apparently, that initial conversation last year helped to pull him out of a deep funk into which he’d descended.
His call reminded me of the power of Kindness — in this case, saying yes to a meeting and providing moral support and a listening ear.
It also reminded me that we don’t always recognize when we are doing something meaningful for another person. Sometimes just offering a smile or a listening ear to someone who’s having a bad day feels so easy” yet has a huge impact.  Perhaps the best strategy is to show up, always, with respect and a willingness to be of service.
And in case no one’s told you this today — I appreciate you!

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