Happiness is a wet dog

So, my wife and I are dogsitting for our “grand dog,” while my daughter and son-in-law are on a vacation in New York City. We see the dog (Heidi, a miniature black schnauzer) regularly, since we drop by their house every evening and take Heidi with us on our daily walk.  She’s a sweet, well-behaved, and incredibly well-trained dog. Living …

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Short is sweet

I just finished up a two-hour class on using web tools to build relationships, build my brand, and support my business. My head is spinning. BlogTalkRadio.  Twitter.  Twellow.  Ping.fm. Podcasts thru iTunes. Trendwatching. Tweetbeep.com. Blogging.  Audio files — MP3 or CD? Video on the blog.  “The static website is dead (or wil be within two years). ” My brain hurts, …

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