Short is sweet

I just finished up a two-hour class on using web tools to build relationships, build my brand, and support my business. My head is spinning. BlogTalkRadio.  Twitter.  Twellow. Podcasts thru iTunes. Trendwatching. Blogging.  Audio files — MP3 or CD? Video on the blog.  “The static website is dead (or wil be within two years). ” My brain hurts, …

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Happiness and Healthcare

My dear father-in-law is currently in surgery — open heart surgery to repair his dissected (torn) aorta.  And we are sitting in the hospital totally happy! Lester M. Dunning (initials LMD, aka Lucky Mr Dunning) has been healthy for 80 years, until eight weeks ago when he *thought* he hurt his back making a difficult shot on the golf course …

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No man is an island…

“No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main….”
I recently came across this short poem by John Donne, which I memorized in junior high school and am still able to recite (mostly) today. It’s always meant a great deal to me, to know that I am, always, a part of something much bigger than I.
Although the passage speaks of death, my ‘read’ of it is much more about how we all connect. We are emotional creatures, all linked to one another in deeper ways than most of us admit or realize….

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Happiness is cool nites and dinner on the deck!

As my wife and I were preparing dinner last evening she looked at me and asked, “when was the last time we ate dinner at the kitchen table?” Hmm.  Great question.  We traveled back on our calendar and realized that we started eating dinner on our deck when we returned from our vacation, which was 56 days ago.  Wow!  AND …

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