Say Cheese: 15 Fascinating Facts About Smiling

Ken recently contacted me to share an article he thought my Happiness audience would also enjoy — on Smiles.  Of course!  Ken’s audience is nurses (, so he’s really grounded his research in the medical world — proving that smiles are GOOD FOR YOU! ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~ Everyone loves the quote “laughter is the best medicine,” and … Read more

Put the 13 Happiness Principles into Action

For the past 32 years I’ve been married to an amazing woman who has partnered with me in raising a great family, but who pretty much left me alone when it came to running my coaching and consulting business (except for balancing the books!).  A few years ago, however, she started to pay more attention … Read more

Practice Does Not Mean Perfect

I practice yoga. I have to continually remind myself of that notion.  I PRACTICE yoga.  I continually strive to be better at it.  But sometimes, I forget about the “Practice” part, and I try too hard to be Perfect…which is how I’ve ended up with two yoga injuries six months apart. How can something that … Read more

Let Music Shift Your Mood

I didn’t feel very well (physically) over the weekend, and slept really poorly. I woke up Monday morning with the alarm, feeling VERY sleep deprived and nauseous. I made the decision to take care of me, and slept in until 8:30. FINALLY caught up on sleep. Showed up at the gym at time I’m usually … Read more

39 Rules for a Good Life

I received this in email at the beginning of the year &  loved it.  But I was overwhelmed with other stuff at the time, so I set it aside.  Pulled out the article today and I STILL love it (unable to find an author attribution).  It’s called Handbook 2010, but it’s more like Rules for … Read more

Mood and Language: which comes first?

In a recent coaching teleclass a participant asked, “is it our mood that creates our language, or is it the words and stories we use that create our mood?”  She was looking for a neat and crisp definition of how people work. It ain’t that simple.  Figuring out how people work is like solving the … Read more

Happiness is Standing On My Head

I finally did it!  After months of  practice and preparation, I finally managed to execute a full headstand! OK, I could only hold it for a few seconds, but this was HUGE for me.  I’ve had to overcome my fear of falling as well as the “story” I told myself about how I “can’t” balance … Read more

Happiness and the Economy

In early December, the American Psychological Association reported that 80% of Americans feel stressed by the economy, 60% feel angry about it, and 52% are having trouble sleeping (see CNN article, here). Yikes! Sleep-deprived, angry, stressed out… these are not descriptors normally associated with happiness, are they?!  The sad thing about this reality is how … Read more

Happiness is Colored Socks

Today, I celebrate colored socks. Two months ago I offered my newsletter readers 13 ideas for changing the world, starting with themselves.  One of those ideas (and the one most often commented on) was, “Wear Colored Socks (or something that adds a splash of color, flamboyant, or “wild” to your wardrobe).  The concept is that … Read more

Happy Thanksgiving – Inventory Your Wealth

Happy Thanksgiving! As The Executive Happiness Coach® I especially love any holiday that carries a greeting of HAPPY in front of it. You know, many people say that Happiness is the “ultimate currency.” So when we wish each other a “Happy Anything” we are, in a way, wishing for them a life that is wealthy … Read more